Frequently Asked Questions


No. You can ask for it for extra charge of $1 per each one.
Yes, be assured that every banner follows the Youtube guidelines to ensure that your banner works across TV, Mobile, Tablet and Desktop.
Yes, we allow commercial use for all the images provided.
Yes! That’s why we are here as designers. Just tell us what text you want and send some images and we do the rest.
Yes, sure. Feel free to drop us a message before placing any order.
Sorry, we don’t provide samples for free. Please check our positive testimonials and portfolio to get an idea – we work in many styles to suit your needs. Satisfaction is guaranteed.
Yes, we make every single one on Photoshop, no templates, no outsourcing.
If you provided all the requirements after ordering with lots of detail and images, then no need. We’ll be able to start your order and deliver the thumbnails with little discussion required.
We do designs for different niches including lifestyle, fitness, gaming, travel, sports, business, beauty, and many more.
Yes. We design profile photos as well. This will be like a Single thumbnail order. Drop us an email when you order.
1. Niche 2. Channel URL 3. Color Scheme 4. Headline/Tagline (Channel Name) 5. Logo/Images to be used (optional) 6. Social Media Names (social media handle)
Sure – please get in touch for your inquiry, and we work down the orders list in priority so whoever comes first, is served first. We have some multi-million subscriber clients.
Yes, we certainly can. We worked a lot on conversion based designs before thumbnails were a thing, so we always ensure your thumbnails will GRAB best attention.
Yes we do. We have many styles, as we get a lot of Gaming requests, we do meditation channels, reaction videos and business. If you are unsure or want to double check – get in touch. We are all ears.
Yes! It’s included in the price if you need it.